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The Legal bits...

1. 1.    “Royal Tutors” is the trading name of Sovereign Tutors Limited, a private limited company offering private tutoring and academic writing services registered at Companies House, company number 10418918.

1.2    Royal Tutors and the Tutor agree to be bound by the conditions herein.

1.3    This is a contract for services and not a contract of employment. The Tutor agrees to provide part-time tuition services to Royal Tutors at a location to be determined and agreed between Royal Tutors and the Tutor.

1.4    The Tutor will not become an employee of Royal Tutors and will not be eligible for any benefits, other than those set out in this agreement.

1.5    Royal Tutors is under no obligation to provide any further same, similar or any paid work or unpaid work in the future. Nor is the Tutor obliged to accept such work.

1.6    The Tutor will be paid via BACS transfer by Royal Tutors usually within 24 hours of a completed lesson and not later than 7 days; it is the Tutor’s obligation to confirm the number of hours tutored after a lesson (”The Confirmation”). Payment will only be made on receipt of the lesson confirmation. The Tutor must not agree private tuition or accept payment from the Client under any circumstances and must report all attempts or approaches to Royal Tutors immediately. A breach of this term will result in the immediate termination of this Contract for Services.


1.7   The Fee will be paid without deductions and the Tutor is solely responsible for making their own Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions to HM Revenue & Customs.

1.8   The Tutor must pay his or her own travel and other expenses. Any materials provided by Royal Tutors for the purposes of tuition or writing will remain the property of Royal Tutors and the Tutor undertakes to return any such materials to Royal Tutors after their use.

1.9    The Tutor agrees to maintain any and all contact with Clients of Royal Tutors or students introduced by Royal Tutors through Royal Tutors and will not contact Clients directly unless doing so with the express permission of Royal Tutors.

1.10    The Tutor agrees not to teach or provide any tutoring services to Clients of Royal Tutors or third party students introduced or recommended by current or former Clients of Royal Tutors outside of Royal Tutors. 

1.11     Royal Tutors reserves their right to take legal action and seek compensation for any losses actual or anticipatory (This will be a minimum amount of £45 per hour of tuition provided. ) that would or may arise from breaches of any Terms in this agreement, and where appropriate, to refer the matter to a professional body. 

1.12. The Tutor acknowledges that all copyrights and other intellectual property rights deriving from any work carried out by the Tutor on behalf of Royal Tutors shall belong to the Client. The Tutor agrees not to use the work for any other purposes other than for the benefit of the Client.

1.13 Royal Tutors may at any time, and at their absolute discretion, with one day’s notice instruct the Tutor to cease work on the tuition or writing services, or at any time without notice and without liability require the Tutor to cease work.

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