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"Our son moved to London from China in September. We only had 3 months to get him ready for starting a new school in January. We needed intensive tuition every day to get him ready. " - Mr Lei Ding 

Instensive Tuition / International Schooling 

Why should I consider it?

Traditional Schooling provides many educational and social benefits. 

However, for many of our international students entering UK Schooling for the first time, there are challenges to be overcome!

It is important to many of our clients that their son or daughter is entering British Schooling at a solid academic level (typically English, Mathematics and Science) so that they feel comfortable and do not fall behind. 

This is especially the case where the student has prepared extensively to pass challenging entrance examinations already, or where a student has won a place without testing. 

Therefore, Royal Tutors offer an intensive preparation programme to prepare such students for entry. 

In other instances, international clients may be unwilling or unable to commit to a fixed school, but still want their children to be exposed to the very best parts of a British education and Curriculum, on a schedule that suits them - and still achieve top grades!

In our recent experience (September 2022 - December 2022) , Intensive Private Tuition can supercharge grades by as much as 4 GCSE grades in just a matter of months

How is this possible? Imagine the best teacher you've ever had, focused solely on your child for several hours every day, five days a week!

Why Royal Tutors get this right. 

  • Intensive tuition is a serious commitment. In our case, it will often involve booking 2 or 3 of our tutors Monday-Friday for a few months in advance. This only works with reliable, specialist and full time tutors that can meet this enormous commitment; 

  • Intensive tuition can see some of the largest jumps in attainment, in some instances, we have seen some of our students jump from a GCSE Grade D to a Grade A/A* in just a few months;

  • Our expert tutors keep track of progress after every lesson, and parents/guardians can expect regular updates on progress - backed by real exam and test results;

  • A lead tutor will manage the overall delivery to ensure a continued level of excellence and achievement, which can often mean shifting focus in response to particular curriculum needs; 

  • All our tuition is based on the English curriculum. 

What does 'intensive tuition' actually look like?

Typically a student will have tuition anywhere from 4-6 hours a day (reflecting a typical school day) spead across 2-4 subject specialist tutors, Monday - Friday. 


Are lessons online?

Yes, Royal Tutors shifted to a full remote offering for intensive tuition during Covid. 

We decided to continue with remote offerings due to the far superior results offered compared to traditional face to face - and use specialist technology to ensure optimal lesson delivery. 

We also found this worked best with the type of international clients we have - who are often travelling frequently. 

For students based in London, we also run regular 'activity days' where students can enjoy time away from tuition with their tutors to experience all London has to offer (subject to advance arrangment) 


Is there a discount for intensive tuition?

Yes, all of our intenstive tuition attracts a block discount. 


Do you have availability?

We only offer intensive tuition to a very select number of clients, to ensure the very highest standards possible.

Currently, all our slots for 2022 are taken .

Please enquire for 2023. Call today and ask for our VIP Intensive Team.


Do you offer international 'live in' placements?

I am afraid we do not, and have no intention of offering them in the near future. 


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