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"The very best" - Sheikh Sharbatly 

"In a class of their own" - Mr Dubov (former owner of Portsmouth FC)


  • 50 Hours of school specific or general entrance examination tuition from our Founder and Entrance Examination Specialist;

  • Unlimited Access to our private past paper library (1000+ papers) - including papers that are no longer publicly available;

  • Weekly homework and marking;

  • Bespoke Test papers written only for Royal Tutors students;

  • High quality supplementary Videos; 

  • Regular performance updates.


(Limit 10 per year, 3 packages left for 2020/2021)

*Places offered subject to initial testing. 

No more places

What is initial testing?

Here at Royal Tutors we undertake initial testing for two main reasons:
  1. It enables us to gauge the initial performance of a student for the purposes of future performance tracking and accountability;
  2. It allows us to make a professional determination of whether a student would be suitable for our rigorous preparation regime. 
We believe that not only is it unethical to enrol a student on a challenging preparatory regime for an examination they are unlikely to perform well in, but that it also places unwarranted pressures on that student were they to be successful and win a place at a particularly academic school. So we don't. We will always opt for honesty and student welfare over income at any cost. 
However - don't be alarmed, we have only ever turned down requests three times in our history, and two of these were solely because of the timescales!
The initial testing score is also only one part of our determination, we are equally looking out for a natural aptitude, a drive to succeed and determination...

Why Royal Tutors?

Royal Tutors are specialists in preparing students across the world for entry to the best public schools in the country. 
We have a proven track record of success and we are incredibly proud of our 100% success rate. Critical to this is our selective approach to tuition. 
Unlike any other tuition service in the UK -  we do not take on just any student. 
Entrance examinations are designed to be challenging. Our students must therefore first evidence their ability to work hard, a drive to succeed and most importantly they must showcase a capacity to learn. 
Like many of our former students, now enrolled at their schools of choice, you may be from a diverse background. We have tutored the children of millionaires and billionaires, international celebrities and ceo's alongside low income families and single parent families with children at state schools.
The one thing they all had in common? An unwavering desire to succeed in the face of difficult odds. 
If you think you have what it takes to become a part of our specialist entrance examination tuition intake, and would one day want to receive an acceptance letter like the ones below - click here!

Recent Testimonials and Success Rates

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