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"Well known, highly trusted" - Dr Mashour (Founder, Interstu)

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LUKE JONES LLB (1st Class Hons); BPTC; Barrister; PGCE (Outstanding);  SET

Founder and Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience: Luke is a UK qualified teacher and Barrister (Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn) and is widely considered one of the best private tutors in the world. His track record is impeccable, and he boasts a 100% success rate spanning nearly 10 years. Whilst working in education, he became the youngest Head of Department in the UK, achieved a 100% pass rate and the best results in the College's history and received a commendation from the Minister of Education for his role in transforming a Sixth from College from an OFSTED grade 4 'inadequate'  to a grade 2 'good' (the first time in history such a jump was made). 

Luke's own academic record is flawless: as one of the first members of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youths, he went on to achieve one of the top five highest marks in his GCSE English Language, scoring higher than 47,000 students. At the prestigious Nottingham Law School, he was awarded a Dean's Commendation after achieving 1st Class honours in law and finishing top of his class. Luke then went on to achieve a further two degrees and qualifed as a teacher, before being called the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister. 


Today, Luke's passion is in teaching and education. Alongside his private tutoring work and consulting, he is the director of education at a global education charity he co-founded with the family of one of his previous students, which is based in Dubai and has enrolled students from three different continents. Luke then set up Royal Tutors in 2016, as a result of his growing concerns around the adequacy of tutoring provision in the UK, particularly at the top level, where he considered both tutors and students were getting a bad deal as a result of unscrupulous tuition agencies that would often put profits over pedagogy. As a result, Royal Tutors set the highest tutor requirements in any tutor company in the UK, with Luke then personally selecting only the very best tutors based on their tutoring ability - as excellent qualifications do not always translate into effective teaching. 


That said - Royal Tutors now cover 25 subjects and boasts over 30 elite tutors. 

Luke now tutors predominantly in London with his cohort of VIP students, many of which he has tutored for a number of years. Luke's current cohort include 2 members of a Royal Family, the daughter of the Governor and Viceroy of a British Overseas territory, an internationally acclaimed celebrity, alongside the children of a number of CEO's and CFO's of global companies, government officials and other high-net worth individuals. Luke is also proud to tutor several state-educated students with ambitious parents that go to considerable lengths to ensure their children get the best start possible!


As such, this is a role and responsibility that Luke takes very seriously - which in the past has seen him cancel vacations and business trips to ensure the success of his students.


When not tutoring, Luke makes himself available to students and parents 24/7, 365 days a year through Whatsapp/Text/Email. He feels it is important that the tutor also plays the role of a mentor - which means availability, accessability and openness all come with the role!

Specialisms : 11+, 13+, Entrance Examinations, Law, English, Maths, History, GCSE, Education 



Entrance Exam

Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience: Dr J has six years full time teaching experience as a lecturer in law at SOAS, University of London. He specialises in Islamic financial law, financial services law and contract law. He holds a PhD from SOAS (law), an MSc from the London School of Economics (political economy of the Middle East), a Vordiplom (economics) from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and a Bachelor of Arts (German) from the University of Utah, USA. Dr J frequently publishes academic articles and his most recent book concerning Islamic Law and Global Financial Markets was published by Cambridge University Press. Dr J is an accomplished professional academic with considerable experience researching, writing and teaching. This background helps him to deliver rigorous tuition both within his research specialisms but also more generally in critical writing and research skills. His teaching approach is premised on nurturing students in a step-by-step process in which skills and knowledge are gradually developed. Dr J strives to teach complex subjects in a clear and lucid manner. This often helps students to develop confidence in topics that are often presented in an unnecessarily complex manner. 


Specialisms: Law, German, Writing and Research Skills.

Mr G LLB BPTC Barrister


Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience: Mr G is a successful Criminal Barrister based in London. When he is not in the court room, Mr G provides his students with engaging, practical and intuitive support through their legal studies. Mr G has over 5 years experience of tutoring and while his passion is for the criminal law, he also enjoys tutoring across the whole LLB syllabus. Mr G has spent several years working for tuition agencies across London and building up a solid background of experience before joining Royal Tutors. Mr G is also happy to assist with advocacy, pupillage applications and interview prep. 


Specialisms: Law, BPTC, Interviews, Training Contracts, Pupillage, Professional. 

Mr M  LLB LPC Solicitor


Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience: Mr M is a budding Commercial Solicitor based in London. When he is not in preparing cases, Mr M is available to tutor across the whole LLB syllabus and has over 6 years experience of doing so. Students always find the lessons fun and engaging which reflects the wealth of  practical experience he possesses! He has a particular affinity for commercial art and is widely considered a specialist in the area. Having secured a lucrative training contract already at a top London firm, Mr M is happy to provide support to those also applying for training contracts and in particular his interview preparation receives fantastic feedback. 


Specialisms: Law, LPC, Interviews, Training Contracts, Pupillage, Professional. 


Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience: Mr T is most commonly found head deep in a legal journal helping students prepare and plan essays. He has a wealth of experience spanning hundreds of different legal areas from broad topics on the LLB to more nuanced areas commonly covered on the LLM. Over the last 5 years, Mr T has helped hundreds of students prepare and plan countless essays, assignments and dissertations. All have considered him invaluable to their success but many have commented on his ability to masterfully explain the importance of structure (an area most students find difficulty with)


Specialisms: Law, LLM, Essays, Dissertations, Assignments, Planning. 




Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  I believe my role as a tutor is to provide my students with individual assistance and support with their problems, and equally importantly, to try and ignite their interest. I try and engage my students, to stimulate them, while still making them feel comfortable around me. It is essential that students not only get good grades, but also understand concepts, learn to think mathematically and solve problems themselves. Rather than just showing them how to solve problems, I encourage students to think and work through things themselves, while only gently prodding them in the right direction. This tends to be greatly enhance their knowledge and self confidence, and many are surprised at how well they do. Apart from having considerable teaching and tutoring experience at all levels, I am also friendly, patient, and enjoy tutoring very much.


Specialisms: Maths, GCSE, University, Masters, Professional.



Mr C - PPE (Double 1st Class Hons) English and Russian (1st Class Hons) Maths (MSc) - Ongoing

Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  Mr C's teaching experience spans over 20 years and he has taught both in the UK and internationally. Mr C has an outstanding academic background, with a double first from Oxford in PPE, during which he received a number of academic accolades including the highest paper in his college for his econometrics paper. He also has a first class degree in English and Russian and is currently in the final year of his MSc in Mathematics with an average grade of 97.5% across his first two years. Mr C's expertise is reflected across the number of subjects he has taught - including economics, history and politics. Mr C takes a rigorous approach to tuition, ensuring that a solid foundation of knowledge is first acquired before more complex principles are considered. 


Specialisms: Economics, Politics, History, English, Russian, Maths.











Mr H BA (1st Class) MSC Lecturer


Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  Mr H has many years experience teaching undergraduate courses in both Political Theory and International Relations. Mr H has extensive experience of tutoring students on a private basis in subjects including politics, political economy, history and research methods, from A-Levels to postgraduate levels. 


Mr H focuses on the results aspect of learning by equipping students with the knowledge and techniques needed to become effective and independent learners. Mr H finds this improves confidence as well as knowledge of the subject matter in preparation for the assessments. This means the overwhelming majority of students receive A and A* grades at A level, and First Class at Degree level.


Mr H holds a first class degree in Politics and History and a MSC in Middle East Politics. He is also a native speaker of Arabic, a trait many of our students find particularly useful!

Specialisms: History, Politics, Middle East Studies, Arbabic.












Dr I Ph.D M.Sc B.Eng Lecturer

Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  Dr I is a highly motivated and experienced tutor with a strong desire to help students achieve their goals. He  has a strong background in Mathematics, Physics, Signals and Systems, Electronics and relevant engineering courses and more than five years of teaching experience in university level as Visiting Lecturer and Lab Assistant for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In general, he works out a complete tuition plan with the student according to their needs. Dr I uses a range of different teaching techniques/interactive tools to keep students engaged and aims to ensure that the student really understands the fundamentals behind concepts, before tackling specific questions. Dr I complements each module with step-by-step solved problems and past exam questions organised to various difficulty levels. He also provides custom-made handouts and instructive ways of solving problems. 


His teaching experience includes (but is not limited) to the following:

Introductory and Applied Mathematics;A-Level Mathematics and Physics;Engineering Mathematics I, II;Probability and Statistics;Systems Modelling and Control (UG/PG);Introduction to Control (UG/PG);Dynamics and Control (UG/PG);Signals and Systems (UG/PG);Financial Engineering (UG/PG);Optimization and Decision Methods (UG/PG);Optimal Control Theory and other special control engineering courses;Software/I.T.: Matlab/Simulink; Mathematica; C/C++

Specialisms: Systems, Engineering, Financial Engineering, Decision Methods.












MR O BSc Electronic Engineering (1st Class Hons) MSc Electronics and Nanotechnology 

Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  Mr O is a highly qualified and experienced tutor that places considerable emphasis on the role and types of learning which are individual to each learner. This ensures students have an optimised study schedule. 


Teaching experience: Mr O has tutored students from the age range of primary all the way to university and beyond. He ensures all tuition matches the specification of the exam/university board and often provides student with useful study guides he has created. He has taught electronic engineering, nanophysics, physics, maths , programming (C, python , assembly) 

Specialisms: Electronics, Physics, Maths, Nanophysics, Nanotechnolgy, Programming












Ms H BA Poltical Science MSC Politics 

Royal Tutor

Teaching Experience:  Ms H is a highly qualified tutor with many years of experience teaching students Politics, Political Science and Middle East Politics. She studied her Masters at SOAS University in London where she specialised in Middle Eastern Politics. She also has a keen interest and background in History, which she also tutors. 

Ms H takes a very structured approach to tuition which ensures students enter examinations with a clear understanding of the topic areas, and critically, how to apply knowledge in the appropriate style. This focus on exam technique is reflected in the high grades received by her students, and often within tight preparation deadlines. 

Specialisms: Politics, Political Science, Middle East Politics, History.










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